Follow Your Heart VeganEgg Review

Follow Your Heart VeganEgg Review

At Long Last

I finally tried Follow your Heart’s VeganEgg after seeing it on Instagram loads of times. For the longest time, I couldn’t find it in the store. Somehow, I thought that I’d find it by the tofu and dairy free cheeses in the grocery store.

So, looked and looked for weeks. It was all over the internet and I couldn’t understand why my Whole Foods wasn’t carrying it. When I went to pick up my Tofurky for Thanksgiving, I went over to pick up some tapioca flour for mac and cheeze and there it was, in the same aisle! WTF.

I was starving when I got home, I whipped some up right away.

What is it Like?

The product itself is yellow powder. It was not as I had imagined, a tofu like substance. To make the egg, you combine water with powder and stir. Then you dump the mixture into a hot pan. Insanely easy, anyone can do this.

It smells sulphuric, like real eggs. That grossed me out a bit because I haven’t eaten a real egg in a long time. I don’t miss that smell and for me it didn’t add to the “egg experience”. It’s probably good for people who are used to eating real eggs.

Instructions + What Not to do

The directions come with “pro-tips” for making the best possible egg. It says to use very cold water and to keep some in the fridge so that you can always be ready to make eggs. The packaging suggests to use a blender for fluffier eggs as well.

Of course, I wanted the most perfect fucking eggs. We have a large water filter container in our fridge. I had just walked in, I was dying of thirst and had gone straight to the store after work. The container only had enough for one glass of water. Then, I looked in the freezer to see if we had any ice cubes- there were only a few pathetic ones.

All you need is a cup of water for the eggs. I was so thirsty that I had a momentary crisis looking at the delicious, frosty glass of water. I couldn’t decide whether to just drink the glass and put ice cubes in my egg water.

My thirst won and I chugged the water. I thought, “I can just put this in the blender with some ice water- my eggs will be fluffier this way anyhow”. Well guys, here’s a real pro-tip for making the best VeganEgg- don’t use your goddamn Vitamix.

I think it was a combination of the ice cube I put in the water and the high-powered blender that made my egg mixture explode inside of the pitcher. It was so fluffy that it was like a stiff foam. I could barely get the mixture out of the blender, even with a silicone spatula. Once I got the foamy egg goo out of the blender, cooking it was a breeze.

The next time I made it, I just put my water and powder mixture into a bowl and stirred I up with a fork. I would suggest doing it that way. Or maybe in a bowl-shaped food processor. It’s not worth the hassle of putting it in the blender.

The Packaging

The egg crate shaped box this product comes in is cute but it’s impractical. Inside of the box is a plastic bag with the egg mixture inside. I immediately dumped the remaining mixture into a jar and wrapped the label around it. That was so we would know what it was and how to make it next time.

Nutrition and Other Notes

The instructions insist that you use oil to cook them, but I didn’t and they turned out fine. I just chopped up some white onions and sautéed them with veggie broth, like I do with everything, and poured the egg mixture on top of that. It was easy to flip them because it was like an omelet. I use stainless steel cookware and it still turned out just fine.

I thought that VeganEgg would have more nutrition and protein than they do. They only have 2 grams of protein and 40 calories per serving. Here’s why I bring up the protein thing. I am vegan and my protein levels are always well above normal at blood tests. I’m not worried about using the VeganEgg as a source of protein because I know I already get enough protein in my diet.

I just hoped that the VeganEgg would have more protein because I wanted it to be as satiating as chicken eggs. Again, I am grossed out by chicken eggs to the max. However, I did like eating them for years because they are loaded with protein and are satisfying without eating much.


With the calories and other nutrients being so low, it’s almost like eating nothing. Nutritionally there isn’t much going on with 4 grams of fiber, 5 grams of carbs only 10% of your daily Calcium and 2% of your daily Iron. That’s especially why I don’t think you should use oil to make these. The majority of your calories will be coming from oil if you do.

Chicken eggs have on average 187 grams of cholesterol which just ain’t that great. The vegan egg has zero cholesterol.  An average chicken egg has about 78 calories. If you eat a healthy plant based diet, you don’t need to count calories. In fact, I see the low calories of the VeganEgg as sort of a problem. Because the vegan egg is not as high calorie or high protein, plan to eat it with lots and lots of veggies and maybe a bagel too! Something many vegans struggle with is eating enough food. So don’t starve yourself, especially if you have an active life!

Unfortunately, nutritionally speaking the vegan egg is weak. The good news is that it tastes great and you can make a huge, healthy vegan omelet using vegan egg. I would recommend VeganEgg. Just don’t expect to be getting the same kind of nutrition you’d be getting from tofu.



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