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Single Serve Lip Balm Recipe

I have seen so many lip balm recipes on the internet, it makes my head spin. Every recipe seems to be for huge batches of lip balm. I don’t know about you but I don’t need like, 10 tubes of homemade lip balm just sitting in my house. It suddenly got cold here in Chicago […]

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The Fifth Season

Five Seasons, Not Four In traditional Chinese philosophy, there are five seasons instead of four. There are five elements, five sense organs, five colors, five sounds, emotions and tastes. They describe the relationship of humans in the natural world and our state of health. The fifth season is happening now- late summer. Before the autumnal […]

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Deluxe Deo Recipe

My Inspiration for Deluxe Deo If you have been making your own deodorant at home for years, you might be sick of same scent. You know, that same ol’ orange oil/ lemon oil/ bergamot oil smell every single time you make a batch. As a result of this boredom, my Deluxe Deo Recipe was born. Homemade deodorant […]

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Hey Bernie or Busters

Why I Care About This I stayed up late tonight watching the Democratic National Convention with my parents. Every night the DNC has been on, I have stayed up late. Politics mean a lot to my family, but why? The “Quintessential American story” is different for each of us. That’s one of the things that makes […]

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My Favorite Thing about Yoga Class

I have finally found a gym where I can take many yoga classes a week. There are also local studios I can use to fill in on the days my gym doesn’t have a class. So this week and going into next week I’m giving myself a six day in a row yoga class challenge. I only have […]

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