Trump, Compassion and Veganism in the New Year


WTF Just Happened

By November 1st, I had several new blog posts ready to go. I had completed a big project and was feeling great about life in general. I was even going to write a post about the Netflix Gilmore Girls Reboot. On election night, my husband and I went to the local bar and were expecting to have a few beers and then go home. The night dragged on and it became clear that Donald Trump was going to be the president elect. I started to fall apart.
We stayed out all night. I cried at the bar. I came home and tried to make sense of what was happening. My mind could not compute the situation. I slept for a few hours and went to work in the morning.
Luckily, I work for a company that makes herbal supplements. As you can imagine we are all progressive voters. My coworker and I cried together for the first 30 minutes of work. When my boss came in, we all talked. He was kind enough to let me sobbingly tell the story of my immigrant mother and my working-class father. About how heartbroken and disappointed in my country I was- how afraid.
The election of Trump completely derailed my world for several weeks. Now that he is in office, I’m having a hard time not feeling terrified on a regular basis.
It made me question everything in my life. All the things that I had been stressing about seemed childish, unimportant. It made me think about this blog and how meaningless it seemed. Everything went back into perspective for me, which was a good thing I suppose.


My Resolution

I thought a lot about what do to. How was I going to go on with my life? If was going to keep writing about veganism, why?
Now, more than ever, it is important for us to share compassion with the world. Becoming vegan is a great first step that anyone can take to become more compassionate. If you can manage compassion towards the most helpless beings, you can for other humans. Compassion for other humans is something that we need now more than ever.
We need to band together to protect each other in the upcoming months and years. There is no way to know what is going to happen. Our environment is at stake; the safety of our citizens is at stake.
Going vegan does something amazing. It peels away the black shroud of consumerism that covers Americans from birth. Did you have a similar experience on your vegan journey? We already know more than others that veganism is about more than not eating meat and dairy.

Be Strong, Vegan Warriors

Our community already fights every day to protect environment. We educate others about the unchained beast of corporate interest and industry. We see the connection between animal rights, human rights and our environment.
Going vegan is an act of defiance. It’s saying no to the corporate food industry and our disposable culture. Veganism liberates people by making them healthier. It frees them from the shackles of preventable illness. The cycle of illness and general despondency towards life ceases when you go vegan. You start giving a shit about yourself and the world around you.
Vegans know how to feed themselves without depending on processed food sources. That may not seem like a feat but many people do not know how. The lack of knowledge is part of a system that keeps certain populations from thriving. It’s a class issue. It’s a racial issue. In this country some people do not have access to healthy food. We know that we have the power to take care of our bodies. Since we have this privilege, we must share it with everyone
As great as all that sounds, the truth is that being vegan makes us targets. It means you are subversive. Being vegan means you DGAF about the system. It means you won’t be the good little unquestioning consumer you they taught you to be.
Expect to see even more backlash against us in the upcoming years. Not only as vegans but as activists, whistle blowers and truth sharers. If you think you had to take a lot of shit from people before the Trump administration- wait and see. It will no doubt get worse.
It is important for us to keep sharing our message. It’s important for our community to band together now.

Going Forward

It’s hard for me to think of fun, cute blog posts right now. It feels wrong to spend my time creating content about which shampoo I like best. All my thoughts are focusing on my fear for what is happening in our country. I’m not in total despair like I was in November. Sometimes, I’m paralyzed but I’m trying to force myself to keep creating.
It was shocking when I noticed some in the vegan community who were Trump supporters. I hope now that he is in office and is starting to do what he promised to do, those numbers are waning.
Although I did outline it here, keep an eye out for a post about why it makes no sense to support Trump and be vegan. I am going to try to approach this from a place of compassion. So if you are a vegan Trump supporter please come back to read the article. Don’t write me off yet.
Even in all of this, it has been heartening to have the online vegan community. It makes me feel better to know that there are many people (non-vegans included) who have committed to stay awake for this.
I’m thankful to have the online community. At least we are free to speak our minds and connect with each other- let’s hope that doesn’t change. Whatever happens, let’s be here for each other. Let’s stick up for each other and protect each other. Even if we don’t have control over what is happening we do have each other for support.
Trump, Compassion and the New Year
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Trump, Compassion and the New Year
In light of current events, it's made me question myself. Why even bother having a blog about veganism? Can compassion survive in this new era?
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Arrowroot Journal
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