This blog was created so that I could have a place to write about vegan living and other things on my mind. If it weren’t for the the online vegan community, I don’t think I could have ever become vegan. I live in Chicago which isn’t the most vegan friendly place in the US. So this blog and my social pages are really meant to connect with other vegans or anyone who has similar interests as me.

I’m not a guru or a health genius but I do like to live a balanced life. If I had one message to share with the world about veganism, it would be that going vegan is easy. You don’t have to give up much and there is so much to gain. Many of my posts are based questions that people have asked me in real life.

Some of the subjects I write about don’t have anything to do with veganism. I know that this has hindered the growth of my blog but I don’t care. It’s my party and I’ll write about whateverthefuck I want to.

Plus, let’s be real. Vegans are multifaceted as any other person. I have a lot of other interests and at the moment this is my only blog- so deal with it.

In real life, I have a job in digital marketing. I spend a lot of time on my computer in and out of work. So I don’t devote a ton of time to this blog. However, I do like connecting with you. I’m going to keep doing it until I’m no longer interested.

Please drop me a line if you want to work with me.


Thanks for reading Love Birds, xoxoxoxo

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